Seen in close up, nobody is normal. -

                                          Claudio Misculin, Accademia della follia


Officers believe this is a prison, doctors think this is a hospital...

                            Adolfo Ferraro, director of the Criminal Psychiatric Hospital of Aversa


A danger to society (Socialmente pericolosi)    Running time: 56 min. Production: Karousel films, RAI 3 - Lazzaretti - Mencherini - Petitto. Executive Producers: Giuseppe Petitto, Fabrizio Lazzaretti. Director: Fabrizio Lazzaretti. Authors: Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Stefano Mencherini. Camera: Fabrizio Lazzaretti. Sound recording: Filippo Previati.  Editing: Giuseppe Petitto. Music: Paolo Casa. Distribution: Karousel films.

RAI 3 - (Italy) - May 31st   2002 - 10pm    

Libero Bizzarri Film Festival 2002 16-21 Jul 2002

Torino Film Festival - DOC 2001 competition

A DANGER TO SOCIETY a film by Fabrizio Lazzaretti

A danger to society is a survey in the Criminal Mental Hospital of Aversa near Naples. The new approach in treating mental diseases, that has shaped the reformation of the mental hospitals all over Europe, has never been applied there. So, behind closed doors in the last Italian concentration camp, the prisoners-patients are still considered and treated as 'almost- human' beings.

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