El boxeo entre niños da más ganancias    

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Ima Sanchìs - LA VANGUARDIA - 12 November 2003   (Requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader®)   

Provocative and innately disturbing, Poison is a compelling examination of the vicious cycle of poverty, vice, and abuse.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  SFS - 21 June 2003

(Sanpeet is) among the most challenging - and often uncomfortable - films of the year.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Joshua Tanzer - - 18 June 2003

Look out for human rights films

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Graham Fuller - New York Daily News - 8 June 2003

US TV to screen Afghan film

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  BBC News - 27 August 2002

High-profile film-makers line-up for September 11 omnibus.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  The Guardian - 27 August 2002

Kabul ER (BBC4) was sobering television, and more than a little depressing.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Gareth McLean - The Guardian - 8 October  2002

One hospital on the frontlines of America’s war on terrorism in Kabul, Afghanistan, redefines the word "emergency".

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  PBS Pressroom - October   2002 

WILD APPLAUSE   No one will be able to forget it!

          WB01626_.gif (272 byte)   Mick La Salle - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE  March 15 2002

   This film may not make you feel better, exactly, but it will enlighten you, expand your thought process, and lift you out of the Hollywood Matrix that prefers to batter you with military recruitment films disguised as "Saving Private Ryan" and the like.

                        WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Jeffrey M. Anderson - SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER  March 15 2002

Jung is the rare exception to a world cinema that follows Hollywood's rules of war.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Robert Avila - SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN   March 2002

A timely documentary on Afghanistan explores a country of endless sorrow.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Robert Shuster - THE LOS ANGELES TIMES October 3 2001

Jung is nothing if not timely, relevant and resonant in its heroic humanism.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Andrew Sarris - THE NEW YORK OBSERVER December 3 2001

...this unforgettable Italian pic takes us further into that country's misery and intoxicating brand of madness.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Ken Eisner - VARIETY  November 30 2001

Massive, bearded, and profane, Strada is the most persistent and humane hero in any recent movie.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  David Denby - THE NEW YORKER  November 27 2001

Superb, very ably directed and unsettling film.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)   TIME OUT London - Mar 31 2001

This unsparing, heroic documentary is essential for anyone who desires a sense of the finer human grain of a war that now commands the attention of the world as never before.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  A. O. Scott - THE NEW YORK TIMES  November 23 2001

The movie's Italian filmmakers Alberto Vendemmiati, Fabrizio Lazzaretti and Giuseppe Petitto received the Nestor Almendros Prize for courage and commitment in human rights filmmaking for their documentary. Presenting the award to the documentary team was venerable U.S. director Arthur Penn, who praised the documentary, saying, "It never flinches; I promise you." 

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  indieWIRE - Daily News/06.15.01

Valuable both as an historical document ... and for its unsparing and graphic depiction of the human toll of warfare and repression.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Frank Scheck - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER  January 7 2002

From the frontline roar of a rocket launcher to the wiping of a sawblade at an operating table, there's an immediacy that's gripping.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  John Anderson - NEWSDAY   November 23 2001

A film full of striking revelations and images, and some of the most extraordinary present glimpses of what seems like another world or era.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Robert Shuster - THE LOS ANGELES TIMES  October 3, 2001

This gripping film, once seen, is unforgettable.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Stephen Holden - THE NEW YORK TIMES   June 15 2001

This is an Afghanistan few outsiders have seen, but after watching this film you'll never forget it.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)   Victoria Brittain - THE GUARDIAN - March 30, 2001

At once intimate and epic, Jung makes Mohsen Makhmalbaf's overpraised Cannes competition film Kandahar (about an Afghan woman trying to rescue her suicidal sister) seem thin and contrived.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Amy Taubin - THE VILLAGE VOICE - Week of June 13 - 19, 2001

Three Italian film-makers went to Afghanistan to make a documentary about the civil war. They ended up building a hospital. Richard James Havis reports.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)   South China Morning Post - Friday  July 13  2001

No fancy word play can even begin to describe what I witnessed visually, mentally, and emotionally as I sat in that movie theatre.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Hana Siddiqi   - ISLAM ONLINE  November 30 2001

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  METACRITIC.COM  reviews

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  ROTTEN TOMATOES  reviews

The must-see documentary about the blighted nation.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  A.G. Basoli - THE VILLAGE VOICE

"Jung" transcends the morbid realm of war and becomes a testament to humanity and courage.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)   NEW YORK CITYSEARCH  December 4 2001

"Jung" is rough, visceral and harsh--but it's also undespairing, and indispensable.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Stuart Klawans - THE NATION  December 10 2001

"Either human rights are valid for everyone or else they're just privileges." - Dr. Gino Strada

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Leslie Kahmi - THE NEW YORK TIMES November 18 2001

If you’re willing to consider an honest look at the costs of war, check out Jung.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  Matt Zoller Seitz - THE NEW YORK PRESS  November 2001

Everyone in the world should see this film.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  MaryAnn Johanson - THE FLICK FILOSOPHER  November 26 2001

This past Sunday, overwhelming crowds clamored to see 'Jung'

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  FILM THREAT NEWS - October 17 2001

The forced angles and strobe-like visual quality of Lazzaretti's digital-video cinematography creates effects similar to the fight footage in Saving Private Ryan and Three Kings, and Petitto's editing is so nimble and quick that at times Jung almost looks like a fiction feature. 

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)    THE ONION A.V. Club  November 2001

This is a powerful film under any circumstances, but it is especially moving and important right now.  It could not be more timely for us to understand the misery these people have endured.  This momentous film should be widely seen.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)   Shelley Cameron - REEL MOVIE CRITIC.COM  November 2001

The value of "Jung" will be to put a face on the phrase "humanitarian aid" that is now used so glibly in the media. Selfless, dedicated professionals like Dr. Strada and the others depicted in the film offer a ray of hope to a land where human values have all but been smothered. Maybe it will inspire similar efforts in other deserving corners of the world that have been forgotten.

                       WB01626_.gif (272 byte)  David Lipfert  - OFFOFF  November 23, 2001