Provocative and innately disturbing, Poison is a compelling examination

of the vicious cycle of poverty, vice, and abuse. -

                                                                                                                      Ima Sanchis, LA VANGUARDIA, Barcelona                     

Sanpit IO SONO NATA VIAGGIANDO.                    

Running time: 74 min. Production: Karousel films, ab51 filmmaking, CANAL+. Executive Producers: Giuseppe Petitto, Antonello Ponzio. Directors: Giuseppe Petitto - Enrico Pitzianti - Gianluca Pulcini. Camera: Giuseppe Petitto. Sound recording: Enrico Pitzianti.  Editing: Giuseppe Petitto - Antonello Ponzio. Music: Mario Crispi.. Distribution in Italy, and North America: Karousel films. Distribution in Europe, and rest of the world: VMGroup Paris (

Babel Film Festival 2011 - Winner of the Golden Spike Award of the Social World Film Festival

Festival Internacional de cine y Derechos Humanos - Barcelona, 27-28-29/30 October 2003 - Special Mention of the Jury

Genova Film Festival 2002 - Winner of the Daunbailo Award

R.I.F.F. Rome Indipendent Film Festival 2002  Winner of the UNICEF Award

Sport Movies & TV 2004 - 22nd International Festival - Milano - 29 October - 3 November 2004 - Mention d'honneur                             

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival - New York - 21-25-26 June 2003

IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2001   Silver Wolf Competition

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival - London - 19-21 March 2004

23rd Uppsala International Short Film Festival - Uppsala, Sweden -  21-23 October 2004

On CANAL+ Spain, Portugal, Andorra - 10 December 2003 on Documania


Tampere Film Festival - International Competition  5 - 9 Mar. 2003

F.I.C.M.A. International Environmental Film Festival 2002   International Competition

Libero Bizzarri Film Festival 2002 - Doc Competition

ARCIPELAGO Film Festival - Rome 2002   Official Competition

Ai confini del mondo dentro l'Occidente 2002 - Cinema dei Piccoli - Rome.










SANPEET (Poison) a film by Giuseppe Petitto, Enrico Pitzianti, Gianluca Pulcini

Sanpeet Petnonnoi is a small, beautiful, unblemished, bronzed boy of seven years of age.  As is not uncommon in the poor region of northeast Thailand - the ‘Golden Triangle’ - where he grows up, he makes a contribution to the housekeeping money.  Sanpeet earns an income, and like him many other boys of his age, by kickboxing.  The Thai government turns a blind eye to the matches in improvised boxing venues.  Kickboxing was encouraged as a way of hardening young people against the temptations of opium and heroin, drugs that are produced and consumed in large quantities in this area.  But the sport is pervaded by the odour of another addiction: gambling.  The lower the weight of a boxer, the higher the stakes; this makes Sanpeet, with his sixteen kilos, an interesting opponent.  (Synopsis by Ally Derks, IDFA International Documentary film Festival Amsterdam).



Among the most challenging - and often uncomfortable - films of the year. - Joshua Tanzer - - 18 Jun 2003

Look out for human rights films - Graham Fuller - New York Daily News - 8 Jun 2003

Provocative and innately disturbing, Poison is a compelling examination of the vicious cycle of poverty, vice, and abuse.  - Ima Sanchìs - LA VANGUARDIA - 12 Nov 2003  


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